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    Question about domain brokerage service


    I'm first time trying to sell some of my domains using domain broker service. I emailed contact them and they replied back asking me how much I want to sell 1 of my name. I gave them the price $9,000. They said too high and told me the maximum they can sell it is $3800.

    My question are:

    - Lets say I agree to sell it at price $3800. What if the broker got the better deal for selling it at $5K. Do you think he will let me know the true he sold it for $5k ?

    - For example I gave him my asking price $1000 do you think he will let me know my asking price is too low and correct the price for me?

    - Did you work with domain broker before? Can you share any tip that you have?

    - Can you recommend good domain broker service that you trust out there?


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    Have you already signed up to a broker? Which one? What domain? Did you have an offer on the domain?

    There are too many variables in your question, feel free to private message me. Some private brokers may use such underhand techniques to make a sale and pocket the profit. Use a reputable firm if you are worried but in most cases brokers rely on reputation to ensure continued business in this industry.

    I am a Private Broker but not looking for business as I am over loaded at the moment, here is what i suggest:

    Post your domain in a forum and ask for them to review the price. would be a good place to start, these are domainers and will give you "EndUser" prices as well as domainer prices. This will give you varied valuations but you now have a ball park figure to play with.

    It is a brokers job to get the best possible price, after all they get commission on the sale. A good broker will ensure the price he has from the seller is the very lowest he can sell for. This simply ensures that he has no need to continually come back to you for feedback and allows the broker a free hand.

    Just because a broker says it is worth $x,xxx does not mean you have to accept. If you gabe the broker a price of $1,000 then he would probably accept and sell for more, this ensures you are a happy customer.

    By all means send me the details and i can certainly point you in the right direction.

    Best of luck



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