Hello everyone,
Not to sure if this is the right section, Mod please move if you think that there's another section that this support thread can fit in.

I have recently moved from shared hosting to my own home hosted dedicated server running with Apachy on windows server 2008.
I have connected my domain in the apachy config file, restarted apachy with no errors.

I use Namecheap, I registered ns1.mywebsite.com, n2.mywebsite.com with my Server's IP.
and then I changed my current name servers of my shared hosting to ns1.mywebsite.com ns2.mywebsite.com .

is there anything wrong with what I did?

cause all it shows to me is:

Oops! Google Chrome could not find mywebsite.com

(24 hours haven't passed yet only like 4 hours).

does that mean the DNS haven't fully transferred?

Thank you!