Hi I offered to write a recommendation for a friend's website. I am not a great writer and hope that you would be willing to read this over and suggest things that would make it better.

Working with Bill earlier at FairFlight Multimedia, and then again starting in 1999 at Ictus, I was able to experience Bill's greatest qualities; Creative, Results Driven, Listening and Understanding Market, Sales, HR needs, Team Management and providing clients superb Account Management.

Bill has lasted in this Industry, because of his integrity and the strong and valuable connection he builds with suppliers, co-workers, and customers. The ability to establish strong customer relationships has allowed Bill to broaden sales opportunities and establish 'prized' recurring revenue. At Ictus we witnessed Bill grow accounts that not only benefited Ictus long-term but also provided ongoing value and financial rewards for his clients.

Creativeness should not be overlooked. Although Bill can Manage his companies standard products and services, he is also creative enough and has the 'field experience' to guide great choices and new ideas that lead customers to growth opportunities for their business.

I strongly recommend you give Bill a call and let him help you today!
Thank you!