I'm working on a site using a ready made WordPress theme. This includes a template for a Calendar page listing upcoming events. I've edited the Calendar page template so that before the events listings there is a paragraph of introductory text using the WordPress function 'the_content'. This is followed by listings for the current month and users can click 'Prev' and 'Next' to move through the calendar.

My problem is that when a user scrolls through to the next or previous month the introductory paragraph text is lost, but the URL stays the same. After a lot of digging around today I've established that this is because the the content in 'the_content' is lost when the page updates.

The links look like this:

<div class="monthselect">
  <a class="prevlink plink" "="" rel="2/2012" href="#">PREV</a>
  <a class="nxtlink plink" "="" rel="4/2012" href="#">NEXT</a>
I don't think this loss of data is related to the PHP due to fixes I've tried. So, I was looking through the themes JavaScript and have found this, listed under a section titled 'calendar':

  	$('a.plink').live('click', function() {
  		return false;
  	function ado() {
  		var sender = $('.currp').attr('rel'), 
  			data = { action: 'netlabs_get_ajaxdata', type: 'get_cal', senddata: sender};
		$.post(ajax_url, data, function(response) {	
Could anyone give me their thoughts on this? I have absolutely zero experience of JavaScript, so don't know where to start with decoding a custom built function like this. If you could tell me roughly what its doing, that would be great!