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    Is it possible to have a single .htaccess file for both localhost and online

    Hi All,

    Unfortunately I have Googled and not been able to find a solution so...

    Two different .htaccess files required for http://localhost and
    Having to maintain two different .htaccess files with the same name.
    Try to prevent renaming and uploading incorrect .htaccess files

    I would prefer a single .htaccess file that detects HOST and performs relevant script

    I struggle with Apache's htaccess and have a hard job in trying to find the relevant
    information in the wealth of free advice

    With PHP this is a simple task:

    # PHP eqivalent to Apache .htaccess file
    PHP Code:

    #test host
    defined('LOCALHOST') ? NULL define('LOCALHOST'in_array($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'], array('localhost''') ));

    # condition for specific host
    if( LOCALHOST )
    # Read somewhere that not availalble in Apache
    # if( ! LOCALHOST )
    #Common stuff
    ErrorDocument 404 /404.php 
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