I've been looking at the differences of XHTML and HTML5. I've always used XHTML but I feel it's about the right time for a change.

The main differences I spotted where the new tags which made things more semantic, this includes:

The doctype was much easier, as you did not need that long-winded doctype as we had before.

There are no self-closing tags either (as I've understood). To be honest I don't like this change. I feel all tags must be closed, or so I was taught back in university. Either case it is what it is and they seam to be history.

I've spotted to pretty cool new video and audio properties. I a bit scared of getting too deep on those. w3school has not examples of them, it just lists them, maybe examples would be a good way to know how to implement these.

I won't be taking a deep plunge just yet, but I feel it's time to start embrassing this new technology. If I missed anything please post something up. Hope this helps others to make the transition too.

Kind regards,