I'm by no means an expert on hosting -- design and coding are my things. So forgive me if I ask a Hosting for Dummies question.

I'm working with a Host Not to Be Named to host my client's pages. I've gone through other hosts and the process is dirt-simple: pay for the hosting, get the domain transferred, get the FTP login info, upload the pages via Filezilla, and Bob's your uncle. Never used this host before, but I wanted more bandwidth etc than the hosts I've worked with in the past for this client.

This host won't give me or the client the FTP login/password info. Instead, it says I either need to pay some monthly fee for cPanel access or install some incredibly complex Linux-based software to handle the issue.

I don't need an explanation as to why cPanel access is a good thing. My question is simple: is it a necessary thing to merely upload files etc? If not, as it has never been with a number of other hosts before now, then why am I getting all this reluctance over the FTP login/pw info?