I was trying to redesign my portfolio, but before i got too far I noticed that the two js scripts i use are conflicting causing one of them to not work at all.
I was hoping that someone here on the js forum could help me figure out why this scripts are conflicting and fix them so that they both work.

Here is a link to the page: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/270523/help/layout/index.html

Now there are two scripts on that page:
1.) A featured work slider that rotates samples of my work on click of an arrow on the sides of the images

2.) fancyBox, a lightbox-like image pop-up / zoom script

Now, if one clicks one of the images below the slider, you can see that the fancyBox works fine. But if one tries to rotate an image by clicking on either arrow in the slider, the slider disappears.

Both of these scripts work fine alone, but when i put them together in the same html document, the slider starts to malfunction.

I have also noted in the html which scripts / file contribute to the slider and which for the fancyBox

Could someone please take a look at the source and the js files and help me sort this out so that the scripts both work when on the same page?
I would really and sincerely appreciate it because i have tried everything i know.

Thank you in Advance!

Best Regards,
Team 1504