Just validated > over 300 CSS errors !!!!

Ok I like to think I am mindful and diligent of web standards. I prefer to handcode HTML / CSS. It's makes me very warm to see the GREEN PASS from the W3C Validator!
What makes me annoyed is that my carefully crafted website breaks W3C validation when I insert very well-known and badly written 3rd party widgets from the people who should know better.

I am working on a new site all is well (Green Pass for HTML & CSS) until I insert Google's Translate Widget and ShareThis Social Widget (and others in the past). Why do these BIG GUNs in the web dev' world have such a cavalier approach to coding... clearly they have no quality or testing control for web standards. Should they not be leading the Pack on these things (even if they are free) ?

.. very sloppy - hang your heads in shame !!

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