Ok, i am setting up a series of talkxyz.com sites based around scifi.

For example, see http://www.talkstargate.com.

I recently registered http://www.talkstarwars.com for the same purpose and have just got this letter.

Dear Sir

RE: talkstatrwars

We are writing to you in connection with the above domain name. We note that
the domain name was registered by you on 21 July, 2000

We act for Lucasfilm Ltd. Lucasfilm Ltd and its addiliated entities
(collectively Lucasfilm") are the exclusive owners of all rights to the STAR
WARS motion pictures. Those motion pictures and the characters whic appear
therei are protected by the copyright and trade mark laws of the United
States and other countries including, without limitation, the United

Clearly, Lucasfilm is very concerned about the talkstarwars.com domain name
as the essential feature of the domain name is their well know STAR WARS
trade mark. Clearly, any use of this domain name would infringe the STAR
WARS trade mark and amount to passing off at commonlaw. Further, the mere
fact that you have registered this domain name is unlawful. We have been
unable to find anyt active site.

Accordingly, Lucasfilm requires the talkstarwars.com domain name together
with anyother domain names registered by you which incorporate any STAR WARS
names, trade mark or other intellectual property are transferred to
Lucasfilm Ltd.

We look forward to receiving a response within 14 days and reserve all our
client's rights in relation to this matter.

Marks and Clerk.

- they probably think i am domain speculating which i am not.

Do i have any grounds at all to stand on to keep the domain? Any advise?