I am just curious as to how many web hosting providers are still using PHP 5.2 as their default PHP version. How many have made the leap to offering PHP 5.3 as their default PHP version?

I know PHP just recently released version 5.4. I don't suspect a lot of web hosts have moved to PHP 5.4. But I am just wondering what the numbers are for web hosts that use PHP 5.3 vs. web hosts that use PHP 5.2.

We still have PHP 5.2 by default on our servers, but want to upgrade it to PHP 5.3. But if most web hosts are still using PHP 5.2, then maybe we don't need to be in a huge rush to upgrade to PHP 5.3.

For web hosts that have upgraded to PHP 5.3, what kind of issues did you experience with the upgrade? What sort of script compatibility issues did you face? Our web hosting users seem to use mostly WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Zen Cart, SMF, Coppermine, 4images, and Gallery. Did you experience any compatibility issues with any of these scripts?