I downloaded an image gallery and even managed to get the images to fade in nicely but they don't fade out, they just dissapear. So, I thought I would post here in the hope that someone can help me out because this is way out of my depth.
The gallery was this one from codrops...
This is the code which (I think) needs altered, but I have tried everything I could think of...

function loadPhoto($thumb,cursorClass){
current	 = $thumb.index()+1;
$('<img id="displayed" title="'+$thumb.attr('title')+'" class="'+cursorClass+'" style="display:none;"/>').load(function(){
var $this = $(this);
$('#imageWrapper').append($this.fadeIn(4000));            $('#description').html($this.attr('title'));
Any pointers, or even wild guesses would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance