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    Unhappy HELP!!!!! popups are making my head spin

    okay. i have two webpages: and

    this is my problem...
    with, im using a chromeless popup for my main page, well... my links are not targeting into my iframe, they are taking up the whole chromeless window...

    with my freddiepage...
    i am using a regular popup for the main page, and on the picture page. each picture should have its own individual popup... but they arent popping up.

    ive used the lissaexplains forum, and no one can seem to help me... please help someone! im begging

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    Regarding the target problem, from a brief look around I can't see why it shouldn't work although perhaps I'd just try naming the iframe something other than "main" in case it's an un-documented "feature" meaning the same as "_top" or something.

    I suspect that you could get around the problem using Javascript as follows:
    <AREA SHAPE=RECT COORDS="247,13,264,30" ALT="about" onClick="document.all.main.src='about.html'">
    However I don't know if you're wanting to avoid Javascript for non-Javascript browsers.

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