Hi guys,

On the final page of my checkout, I have included the JQuery validate plugin and my ssl certificate is showing as secured on every page in the payment process.

Anyway, if I input the form data and deliberately leave a mistake( so that it doesn't process the order), as soon as validate kicks in my site shows up in browser as only partially encrypted. Can anybody help me?

Here is the code:

PHP Code:


// validation of sensitive data done here


success: function(label) {



submitHandler: function(form) {

// do other stuff for a valid form

$holder = ($('#details').serializeArray()); //gets everything from the form and puts it in associative array (holder)

url'index.php?route=payment/check/confirm',     //send array data to payment/check method confirm
success: function() {
location 'index.php?route=checkout/success';