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    FREE - Talk Traffic With The Experts

    Welcome to the third in our series of 'Talk With The Experts' live forum workshops. This time up we've got Jen Sheahan (Founder of FB Ads Lab), Kristen Holden (author of The SEO Business Guide and Director of Marketing Partners) and SitePoint Marketing Manager Mick Gibson at midday PST on March 14 (7am March 15 AEST). You can figure out what time it will be at your place here.

    We'll be talking about things like how to drive more traffic to your site with SEO, some SEM tactics like Facebook Ads, Google AdWords and retargeting - or anything else traffic related. If you've got questions or ideas that you'd like to bounce off someone, then make sure you join us in this live Campfire chat session. If you can't make it, then post it in this forum and our experts will check in when they get a chance after the session.

    You can join us in the chatroom here
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