I have tried to resolve this issue alone and now I am turning to the community for help as my time available is dwindling. I hope we will be able to accomplish this together.

I have recently began working on the website 'www.ulstertatler.com'. It uses a static front page named 'home' within WordPress.

The website was created previously my someone else so what has been done before me I can only deduce. However, upon logging in I noticed that when trying to edit most pages on the website the edit field appears blank with a word count of 0. The content still appears when the url is visited. I have provided a screenshot of this problem below:

Screenshot link.

Exceptions to this are:

Any pages related to Cart66 plugin @ 'www.ulstertatler.com/store/*'

These pages all have a word count.

I tried adding content to these 'blank' pages. It allows me to do this, and saves. However, the content is not displayed on the website.

Temporarily I have been able to accommodate some of the requests to update the 'home' page by editing home.php in the theme directory (I backed up the file first obviously). I am aware this is not the intended method to alter content and there must be a way to edit the pages from within WordPress.

I know that some content on the pages will be generated from posts; plugins etc - but surely there must be at least some content/code stored on the pages themselves? I am not greatly experienced with WordPress though so if I am ignorant please enlighten me.


I noticed this problem as soon as I arrived and before I made any changes. My first attempt at resolution was to update wordpress, as I thought this would be an easy solution. I upgraded from (if memory serves) 3.*.* to 3.3.1. Next I updated all plugins. The problem still persists.

Below is what I have tried:

Disabling all plugins.
Changing to default themes (twentyeleven, twentyten).
An entire manual reinstallation of wordpress with the exception of 'wp-config.php', '.htaccess', 'wp-content/plugins', 'wp-content/uploads', 'wp-content/themes'.
Removing blank lines at the end of .php files (I read this can cause some bugs, no harm in trying.)

Thanks for reading this and for any help you can offer - it is much appreciated.

If you require any more information please ask!