Hi all
I'm starting using html5 right now so be patience
I'm looking for a good way to mark up a box news
for a blog so I ended up to :

Code HTML4Strict:
<article id="news_1" class="boxNews">
<a href="#" rel="bookmark" title="news title"><h1>test news</h1></a>
<h2>Author's name</h2>
<p>Published <time pubdate datetime="2012-03-01 09:38:02">March 1, 2012</time>.</p>
    <img src="/res/upload/hint_test-news.jpg" alt="test news" title="test news" />
  <--! Gallery -->
   <img alt="test-new-1" src="/res/upload/hint_test-new-1.jpg" title="test-new-1" />
   <img alt="test-new-2" src="/res/upload/hint_test-new-2.jpg" title="test-new-2" />

Is it html5 compliance ?
Is there a better way ?