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    Hey guys
    I need to design a new post-graduate course titled
    Multimedia Software Applications

    I already have a very vague outline but any ideas would be appreciated!

    If you were a post-graduate student and you were taking a course titled that what would you expect?

    It will be 1 year long, 3 hours of class contact a week. There will be no exam as it will be 100% coursework based!

    Any ideas for an assignment?

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    Woah - huge task. hmmm - also an interesting one - if ya want a guinea pig student, gimme a shout (

    Personally I would imagine that such a course would concentrate on the "Director" area of things, be it for mulimedia CD roms or web pages/applications. But the title could indicate leanings towards Cubase VST, Flash, even PowerPoint!

    I'm curious - let's have a look at your layout!

    Another important factor is Contact time/expected extra curricular study. How many hours would you have in mind, and if you were to use products like Director/Flash/Even Powerpoint....would you expect students to have/buy them or would you have a special licensing deal in mind?

    I don't envy you, but if you let me know the outline, I'd be pleased to give you some assignment suggestions (this is pertinent to me as I am currently on a vertical learning curve!)

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