Dear all,

I am new to wordpress html editing. i run a tumblr, where i have figured out the html patterns, but wordpress seems to confuse me, especially with the different php sections. so i come forth to ask here.

i have created a static home page. easy.

heres the couple of questions i have so i can go somewhere from here.

how to edit the homepage only. without effecting anything else in the site.
essentially. i would like to create a home page that is nothing but a full background image on the whole screen. and then just the navigation bar.
i am trying to figure out how to

1. make a full screen background image
2. if you go to my site now, you will see a full background image, but i used the background image upload in the appearance, therefore it is applied to all pages. i just want the full background image on the homepage. so again, editing that page without effecting anything else.

3. how to edit the home page. as in, move the navigation bar around , i have tried in the style sheet in the
#main, and i got it to go where i want it to, but it moves the navigation bar on every page again.

website is ...

thank you very much