You rang?

I'm liking this version far, far better, though the placement of the picture next to "who am I" feels more like a rendering error than intentional; what with it cropping up out of the box like that. The excessive bottom padding (likely from line-height indent) also makes it feel a bit off; as does that at small fonts it barely fits two words per line... large fonts even the title ends up word-wrapping. That's either too large, or that section needs some form of adjustment in padding/placement.

The big "welcome" text is too big; pointless waste of time, has no real 'content' or meat to it, so I'd either axe it entirely or at the very least drop it down to something like 125% instead of the what? 200% or so it is now?

I'm liking the dynamic width and 'responsiveness', but your menu overlaps the logo at narrow widths (at large fonts), Again this is why while I may say "%/em, %/em" over and over, there are places where you're pretty much forced to use PX, like around image interactions and when playing with widths on elements you don't allow to wrap. The text there is plenty large even on my media center (200%) without the large font expansion, so using PX fonts on the menu wouldn't be the end of the world.

I see no real legibility issues apart from in the footer, where the light grey on dark grey is well below accessibility norms. Likewise on that same text when it wraps your line-heights are way too short. The rest of the page checks out nice on that.

Except perhaps the 'recent' and 'work' hovers -- which are broken at large fonts/120dpi and really are not the type of thing I believe even belongs on a website in the first place. You could either fix the font size in PX so it's not broken for LF users, but is uselessly small to them, or just get rid of it as pointless.

On the whole, again, I really don't consider elements like those three image boxes to be viable for web deployment in the first place; I'd probably make that a single column area of three dynamic width boxes, with the text you're showing on hover simply being placed next to them. It's just too fancy for it's own good, and as a rule of thumb fancy means fragile.

Under the hood it's a lot cleaner than previously -- not wild about the HTML 5 bloat and in general the confusing/unneccesary markup and broken/useless heading orders... particularly the 'article' tags around elements that aren't even articles, hgroups and h2/h3 pairings for what are single headers and as such shouldn't have more than one H# tag (those h3 don't even look like taglines or even part of the header to me!). At the same time that you've managed to bend that steaming dung heap known as wordpress over your knee and force it to produce anything even CLOSE to clean for markup is truly an impressive accomplishment; shame you're still stuck with the completely ridiculous 5k of useless nonsense in the HEAD, and 14.4k of HTML that appears to be doing what I'd ballpark as 6 to 8k's job.Literally you have quite possibly DOUBLE the HTML needed for the job; much of that can be blamed on the ridiculously bloated content in HEAD, but much of that can also be attributed to the HTML 5 bloat and pointless extra wrappers all over the place... and attempt at semantic markup that isn't. Of course, that too is the HTML 5 garbage in action.

There are also some... well, oddities that show outdated markup; not sure if that's turdpress or you; like sending the main CSS file to "all" (never a good thing), the static CSS and scripting in the markup, the lack of a projection target leaving the page broken fullscreen in Opera and on many Kiosks (much less the Wii). I do think most of that is turdpress' fault and not yours though... there's a reason I say it's developers need to take a step back, and spend a year actually learning how HTML, CSS and inheritance works... much less that Javascript is NOT the answer to every question... of course I tend to think that the moment I see an IE conditional comment in the markup so... Though at least in this case it's for scripting, not CSS -- much less of a 'sin' - unfortunately it's a total sin given it's for that stupid malfing HTML 5 assist/polyfill/shim/whatevertheblueblazestheyrecallingitthisweek. Just more HTML 5 bloat for NO tangible benefits.

Seriously, if this:
<body class="home page page-id-30 page-template page-template-homepage-php single-author">

... isn't big enough a warning flag they have no blasted clue what they are doing, I don't know what is.

Going hand in hand with turdpress' 200k of javascript doing 30k's job... is that fancybox crap; 15k of scripting that relies on a 100k library that isn't as functional as 10-12k of scripting WITHOUT the stupid malfing jquery asshattery... another reason that's something I'd be swinging a giant axe at.

I mean, let's face facts, thanks to scripting bloat and turdpress stupidity, you're blowing a 15k of markup on 1.8k of plaintext and four content images, and almost an entire megabyte on delivering

Of course a little pre-compositing so you could switch to a more efficient version of PNG or perhaps JPEG and axe the bandwidth hogging alpha transparency crap wouldn't hurt either. In the image optimization department things could use a bit of a rework. See that 96k Sprite.png which might actually be faster as separate images and quite possibly use a fraction the bandwidth if you lost the unnecessary alpha transparency stuff.

Take blog.png -- 96k alpha transparency... which as a 256 color alphaless .png would be 23k, and can be dropped to 13k as a jpeg if you just precomposite that background. Do that across the four or five images that could use it on that page, and poof, 300k or more gone easy.

Though again, swinging an axe at the ungodly and outright ridiculous 387k of javascript would probably go second on my to-do list, right after axing the HTML 5 BS.

Even so, for all of the above, this is one of the BEST things I've seen done using wordpress. Unfortunately I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. But then there's a reason I won't use it on my own sites and ended up telling a client to go stuff it when they demanded it. I'm sure they're truly enjoying their 50% drop in traffic since I left.