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On a final note - notepad - seriously?
Admittedly something like Notepad2, editplus, Crimson Editor, or any of the readily available and somewhat more robust bits of software is in order, however:

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Haha you say you use photoshop etc so do you not have dreamweaver? If not you should really consider it - it will make your coding so much easier!
That fat bloated steaming pile of overpriced manure is the LAST thing Spritanium needs. The only thing you can learn from Dreamweaver is how NOT to build websites, and I have rarely seen anything useful produced with it.

NOTEPAD is better for web development that Dreamweaver could even dream of being... and yes, I'm including only working in code view in that opinion. It just gets in the way. Any of the parts of it good for nubes produces disastrously bad sites with absolute train wrecks of code... and by the time you don't need those tools, it no longer serves any legitimate purpose.

As a dearly departed friend of mine used to say, "the only thing about Dreamweaver that can be considered professional grade tools are the people promoting it's use."