I have spent the better part of today running around in circles and I am stumped. I am an amateur so please be patient.

This is what I want to do, (I will try to explain it as clearly as possible).

I have a script that will rotate full screen background images on page refresh. I also have a permanently "fixed" png semi-transparent top banner. The scrolling content will go just below the top banner, and will have a top graphic that will also be using the css "fixed" property in place, while the content scrolls in and fades out of view. There is also a fixed footer where there will be the same fading effect on the scrolling content in a fixed window that will change in size depending on the user's viewport.

As mentioned, I am stumped, I have tried pure css, a hybid using both table and css, I do not want to use javascript, or any other language, I am pretty sure someone has tried this before, could I be directed to a tutorial or resource that could point the way.