I am creating a time off sheet online...I need some help with structuring it i believe..
this is what it is suppose to look like ..now..ideally ..all the employees will be editing is the in's and out's....we have a database table for time off..the idea is to imports those dates and auto populate them into this table...

For example - lets say the date range is from feb 5th - feb25th..and i asked off for personal reasons for 8 hours on feb24th...so in the second thursday column and the row of personal...there would be an 8.00...i have a way to figure out if its first thursday or 2nds thurdays..really the part i'm stuck on is once i know what thursday it is, the hours, and the reason..how do i tell it to go to that specific textbox(cell)....i'm figuring i need ideaas..and maybe make top row a hearder row..but still unsure..any help is greatly appreciated..here is the code