Hmm... Frontpage 1 Dreamweaver 5

I was just wondering: how many people on this forums (except freesources) are using Frontpage?

BTW Warez sites are a good way to see what the most populair programs are, so I checked some (23 or so) of them and came to the conclusion that since only one of those sites offered Frontpage and ALL of them offered DreamWeaver, FP isn't the most populair tool.

Now don't start talking about that FP2k is harder to 'crack' than DreamWeaver, because that's not true.

Of all the most populair tools, I found these on those warez sites:

Flash 4
PaintShop Pro
Bullet Proof FTP (quite rare, though)


I haven't downloaded any of those programs (Were else do you've friends for? ).

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