Hello !

I have a website that has database etc and lots of process. Now I want to build an application for iPhone/iPad that will just list some links and each link will grab the data from my ONLINE database and will show on the screen.

Now the problem is, I have never even coded a HELLO WORLD application fro iPhone/iPad. But very keen to learn this.

What I want to know is that :

1) How shall I start to code this ?
2) Can you locate me the best resource (tutorial) that shows Online database access via iPhone/iPad ?
3) I have iphone/ipad, MacBook Pro and Xcode installed. What else do I need to have ?
4) Applications can also be developed using Flash Action Script, if I go to that route - is that OK or what will be the best route ?

I just want a quick startup - do not want to go into the details like (how xOS works, how cocoa works etc etc). Just want to start with the code with a little bit of reading.

Please guide me

Best Regards