From "About Us" . . . "to help your company attract new clients and rejuvinate your base. Most companies cannot afford to hire a full time marketing or design employee which can usually result in a lack of quality marketing materials being sent out to the public".

To me that means your target audience is people who don't know the "internets" are not pipelines running around the world and many people over the age of 25 whose greatest accomplishment is being able to update a Facebook page (or pay someone else to do it). From a crotchy older person who does like the internets but doesn't know how all those pipelines work or how words can make things hop around on my monitor, this is what I don't like about your site:

1) Your line height is too small. The volume of text (content is good) looks line a line of marching ants.

2) You have a picture of a flying bird connecting Oregon and NYC and you "overnight". Are you the Post Office, FedX, UPS? What do I get the next day? I know (I think!) you mean you send something over the "internets" (though actually are you talking about printed brochures or something?).

I am neither the oldest nor youngest, nor internet-dumbest on that vast prairie of moderately ignorant people, but your concept is not clearly coming through to me. ( I actually do understand better than I would have six months ago, which is the only reason I can say what is in this post.) This site (which I think is great) and others which I've been reading for several months is populated with people internet advanced well beyond what I think your target audience is. So I think you need to spell it out better - what exactly do you "overnight" and what do I get to hold in my hands if I open up those tight fists to let go of the money?