Starting a new PHP project in 5.4 after spending the last 2 years programming in Ruby, the thing that's been hardest to get used to which I never questioned before going to Ruby, is the requirement for the PHP opening tag. This prompted me to raise a feature request in the php bug tracker to add a php.ini directive to make the parser assume that files begin with PHP code, or in other words, making the opening tag implicit. This means you would omit the opening <?php tag. For a file that you wanted to start as static content, such as a template, you could either put a closing tag on the first line, for example:

PHP Code:
  <!-- blah -->
Or, you could give a second parameter to require/include to tell PHP to drop out of the parser:

PHP Code:
I'm wondering what regular PHP programmers would think about this change. Would you welcome it with open arms, or do you prefer the current behaviour, and if so, why?