Hi, my company own http://www.shiresearch.com

They are looking to sell it and I was wondering if you have any tips on how to approach this matter. This is a directory at present and we would spend some time on this before selling, to improve the sale.

A lot of work has been invested into this (literally close to 150,000, man hours).. It has been featured very recently in the top 5 UK search engines, and gets many mails and submissions. It has not been touched in a while but we are planning in getting it all up to date ready for a sale. It has a whole bunch of domains for every county in the UK i.e (countyname)shire as you will see if you take a look... aswell as stuff like shiremail and shirecompetitions etc etc...

How much do you reckon something like this might sell for and also where would be a good place to start researching for a good way to approach selling it ?

Ebay is getting riduculous and this is a serious business opportunity so thats not really an option..

Any ideas