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    How do I help a business owner with his website? Assistance appreciated.

    I have my car fixed at a small business owner/mechanic <snip>link deleted</snip> here in Vancouver Washington. I asked him out of curiosity sake what it cost him to have his website made, he said that it costs him +/- $96 a month to host it!!! He has been doing this for two years. I almost burst out laughing, clearly he is a guy who wants a website and doesn't know anything about how to go about the whole process (same as many other people as well) and unfortunately settles for a crooked moneymaker . I asked him why not just host the site on something like or or something like that that will cost him $50 a year. He seemed baffled and thrilled at this, but said the company (based in Florida or somewhere) probably won't give him his domain name, and for that matter, his website.

    So I honestly think it is about the dumbest, cheapest site I have ever seen. Apparently if he wants to update the site by putting up promotions or something he has to get in touch with them and they do it for him. I want to help the guy out by redesigning the site and for sure getting him to host it for A LOT cheaper. I can design sites with html and css and hope to learn java script soon.
    The company that designed his site is and apparently they also have rights to the domain name. How do I help this guys to get the site content and domain name? And secondly how do I launch a site for another person/business? I know how to launch my own site so I assume it's the same. But what about giving him the means to alter or change things on his site himself, something easy.
    Anyway, your assistance in the matter is much appreciated.
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