I am using an image map over an image that changes in size.
Is there a way of changing the size of the shapes using javascript.

I can use this for the initial size....

document.write('<area shape=circle coords='+[picsz]+','+[picsz]+','+[picsz*0.33]+' onMousedown=handdown() onMouseup=handup();alert(3)>','<area shape=circle coords='+[picsz]+','+[picsz]+','+[picsz*0.66]+' onMousedown=handdown() onMouseup=handup();alert(2)>','<area shape=circle coords='+[picsz]+','+[picsz]+','+[picsz]+' onMousedown=handdown() onMouseup=handup();alert(1)>')

It's a circular image, and, for now, I want the 1,2 or 3 to alert depending on where the mouse is in the circle.

but when I try to reduce the diameter of the circle I cannot reduce the area shapes.

do I need to program all of the different sized maps, calling to the one I need when I need it, or can I resize them?