Hello experts,

I am complete non-techie, please point me in the right direction.

I need to get a cms system/platform created for mobile apps, where clients are able to input and upload their own content for a DIY mobile app, they can pick and choose fonts etc. similar to ibuildapp dot com. It would be very simple app - mostly info e.g. opening hours, location, which would then be converted into a native app...very important, don't want web based apps.

I have no idea of the type of expertise I need to look for (I am no tech). Now just guessing I get someone to use an open source web cms like wordpress? (installed with our own mobile app content options e.g graphics and buttons etc) as the front end, (is that possible?) and then in the back end I need some sort of automation feature where the app would then be converted into a native app e.g. phonegap.

What level of skill do I need to look for to hire etc? Any thoughts on where I can find the right person would be much appreciated.

I do not want to use another services 'white label' as not keen on relying on another party.