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    Question Wide Background Layout

    I am trying to design a new layout for my existing web site but can't seem to figure it out.
    I want to have a wide picture centered as the background but have a solid color fill in where a person may be viewing it on a wider monitor. An example is here -
    I am unable to get it to look the same in different browsers and unable to center the content, etc. Also, it scrolls horizontally-not good. Ultimately, I need an example to follow. Can anyone help out?
    Thank you,
    Maxanne Durkee
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    We'd need to see the layout you want to give a definitive answer, but this is quite easy. One way is to have a color on the body element and also a background image:

    body {background: #red url(/images/background-image.jpg) no-repeat 50% 0;}
    Then you have all your content in a wrapper ... that is, a div with a set width and margin: 0 auto.


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