Can someone please take a look at this script and maybe tell me whats going wrong?

I THINK that its not in the functions because it loads without error but as soon as io place the mouse over it, i get an error notice in the browser status bar.

heres the code:

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">code/font><HR><pre>


&lt;SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"&gt;
&lt;!-- Begin
newsOn = new Image(36, 120);
newsOn.src = "images/news_on.gif";
newsOff = new Image(36, 120);
newsOff.src = "images/news_off.gif";
// End --&gt;
&lt;script language="javascript"&gt;
function imageOn(imgName) {
if (browserOK == "yes") {
imgOn = eval(imgName + "On.src");
document[imgName].src = imgOn;

function imageOff(imgName) {
if (browserOK == "yes") {
imgOff = eval(imgName + "Off.src");
document[imgName].src = imgOff;
&lt;a href="testimgover.htm" onMouseover = "imageOn('news')" onMouseout = "imageOn('news')"&gt;
&lt;img name="news" src="images/news_off.gif" border="0"&gt;

please help, ive been kicking this horse for hours... This is my first javascript installation and its not treating me kindly =(

but i want a mousover script that works with as many browsers as possible

Thank you so much