I'm importing a number of files and I need to standardise the array keys. As the rest are numbered then I need to change the array keys to numbers for those that have alternative names

I'm getting close, but not there

This is what the array looks like:

PHP Code:
'program_id' => string '1503' (length=4)
'program_name' => string 'Baby Curls' (length=10)
'product_id' => string '100' (length=3)
'product_name' => string 'Wheelybug - Mouse' (length=17)
'description' => string 'Wheelybugs are designed to offer hours of robust fun and help to promote self-confidence, spatial awareness and gross motor skills.
Special features:

Bodies have a padded layer of sponge covered with tough polyurethane 
Easily wiped clean 
For use on all level surfaces 
Handmade and beautifully crafted from the highest quality materials 
Multi-directional castors 
Unlimited mobility 
Small: 36cm long x 23cm high x 20cm wide (Age: 1 - 2.5 years) 
Large: 46cm long x 28cm high x 26cm wide (Age: 2.5 andndash; '
... (length=520)
'deeplink' => string 'http://track.webgains.com/click.html?wgcampaignid=88263&wgprogramid=1503&product=1&wglinkid=89549&productname=Wheelybug+-+Mouse&wgtarget=http://www.babycurls.co.uk/baby-products/wheelybugs-/wheelybug-mouse/' (length=206)
'price' => string '46.01' (length=5)
'image_url' => string 'http://www.babycurls.co.uk/images/products_image1-100.jpg' (length=57)
'category_id' => string '2209' (length=4)
'category_name' => string 'Walkers' (length=7)
'category_path' => string 'Baby Toys > Walkers' (length=19)
'merchant_category' => string 'Wheelybugs' (length=10)
'last_updated' => string '2012-02-09 22:14:47' (length=19)
'currency' => string 'GBP' (length=3)
'delivery_cost' => string '0.00' (length=4)
'delivery_period' => string 'Free Delivery 3-5 Days (Royal Mail)' (length=35)
'image_large_url' => string 'http://www.babycurls.co.uk/images/products_image1-100.jpg' (length=57)
'image_thumbnail_url' => string 'http://www.babycurls.co.uk/images/products_image1-100.jpg' (length=57)
'language' => string '' (length=0)
'Full_merchant_price' => string '46.01' (length=5)
'short_description' => string 'Wheelybugs are designed to offer hours of robust fun and help to promote self-confidence, spatial aw' (length=100
Using the following code:

PHP Code:
 foreach ($array as $result) {

                foreach (
$result as $key => $value) {
$i 0;
$i ': ' $value br;


Prints out the following:

1: 1503
2: Baby Curls
3: 100
4: Wheelybug - Mouse
5: Wheelybugs are designed to offer hours of robust fun and help to promote self-confidence, spatial awareness and gross motor skills. Special features: Bodies have a padded layer of sponge covered with tough polyurethane Easily wiped clean For use on all level surfaces Handmade and beautifully crafted from the highest quality materials Multi-directional castors Unlimited mobility Small: 36cm long x 23cm high x 20cm wide (Age: 1 - 2.5 years) Large: 46cm long x 28cm high x 26cm wide (Age: 2.5 andndash; 5 years)
6: http://track.webgains.com/click.html?wgcampaignid=88263&wgprogramid=1503&product=1&wglinkid=89549&productname=Wheelybug+-+Mouse&wgtarget=http://www.babycurls.co.uk/baby-products/wheelybugs-/wheelybug-mouse/
7: 46.01
8: http://www.babycurls.co.uk/images/products_image1-100.jpg
9: 2209
10: Walkers
11: Baby Toys > Walkers
12: Wheelybugs
13: 2012-02-09 22:14:47
14: GBP
15: 0.00
16: Free Delivery 3-5 Days (Royal Mail)
17: http://www.babycurls.co.uk/images/products_image1-100.jpg
18: http://www.babycurls.co.uk/images/products_image1-100.jpg
20: 46.01
21: Wheelybugs are designed to offer hours of robust fun and help to promote self-confidence, spatial aw
I'm sure it can't be much further to go now