I'm having troubles with my blog...
I have 2 tables:
1. posts(id, cat_id, title, contents, date_posted)
2. categories(id, name),

and to delete the category:
Code PHP:
<a href="delete_category.php?id=<?php echo $category['id']; ?>">Delete</a>
if i view the categories and try to delete one from my cat_list.php page, it deletes the category from the list, but in my posts table, the cat_id assigned to the deleted category is still there... is there a way to, upon deleting a category, update all cat_id's from all posts and set the value to '1' (Uncategorized) or something like that? Right now if I delete a category, the post still sits there with that cat_id still assigned to it.

Here is my delete function:

Code PHP:
 function delete($table, $id) {
        if (isset($_GET['id']) && is_numeric($_GET['id'])) {
            $table = mysql_real_escape_string($table);
            $id = (int) $id;
            $query = "SELECT
                            FROM `posts`
                                INNER JOIN {`categories`}
                            ON `categories`.`id` = `posts`.`id`";
        $query = "DELETE FROM `{$table}` WHERE `id` = '{$id}'";
        if(mysql_query($query)) {
            echo 'Ok';
        } else {
            echo 'Not Ok';
I've been playing around with joins and what not but I am unsure as what to use to fix this issue. I'm not real sure what the best way to go about doing this would be. I know my sql syntax isn't correct, and I'm probably doing it wrong, but just by playing around with the code, I'm stuck :/

Any and all help is appreciated.