Hi troops,

Anyone know of a promotion site similar but cheaper than
CafePress http://www.CafePress.com

CafePress is a site which will

1. Maintain a store interface for your site
of items (cups, shirts, mousepads) on which you are able to place logos and/or any graphic you want.

2. Allow you not to have to buy a minimum amount of items

3. Handle the "money" end of things and pay you what ever you charge for the item over what they say their costs are.

I like the concept, especially being a budding Webmaster with limited funds, BUT, their prices seem high to me and the amount I would charge to make money seems (at least to me) to make the item cost too much.

If anyone knows of a similar service on the web that I could compare CafePress to, I would appreciate you posting it here.