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    Unhappy Problems with dropdown DHTML menu in a top frame


    The guys on the Web Design forum unfortunately did not know the answer, but someone advised me to ask Java Script experts, so here i am...

    I have just built drop down menu based on a tutorial on the web site. It works well but only on its own...

    However, I need to design this website which has to have frames (for the developer who is doing the CMS for it) with the menu in the top frame. Unfortunately, as I've found, the menu which is placed in the top frame is 'hidden' behind the middle/main frame. How can I fix this?

    i'd be grateful for some help, guys.

    i put up what i have done so far and it is under:


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    Well, the menu isn't acutally 'hidden'. Since each frame in a frameset page is a separate instance of the browsers, the menu actually just reaches the border of that window. Same as if you were to resize your browser to a thin window...the menu just reaches the browser boundaries.

    So, that being said, you aren't out of luck. Several DHTML menus out there support frames...they do this by splitting the submenus from the main menu, placing the main menu in the top frame, and all the subs in the main frame.

    Here's one that does support frames
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