Hello, my first posting

I have uploaded a script and all is well, except this!

On one web page is a word "Select" when clicked on it should open a list

Yet it is dead, when the mouse is over is it reads: javascript:;

I used :Inspect Element with Firebug" to locate the "Select" corresponding code

<tr class="c1">
<td width="150" align="right"></td>
<td class="contentfont" colspan="2"><span id="main_category_display"><?=$main_category_display;?></span>
[ <a href="javascript:;" onClick="select_category(document.getElementById('category_id').value, 'main_category_field', 'main_', false, true, 'wanted');"><?=GMSG_SELECT;?></a> ]</td>

your help greatly appreciated