I am trying to put some JSON from the twitter REST API into a SQL database. My goal is to be able to look up account information from multiple accounts in one fell swoop.

I have been successful in echoing out the right data, but am not able to write it to the database.

I have a feeling there is something wrong with my array, specifically that each account I am looking up is in an array that does not share a common key, something like:

Array ( [*twitterhandle being used as the key*] => Array ( [screen_name] => value [name] => value [image] => value [following] => value [listed] => value [followers] => value [tweets] =>value ) [*a different twitter handle being used a key*]...

Her's the code that I am using:

PHP Code:
$result mysqli_query($link,
                            twitterhandle FROM accounts"

            while (
$row mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) //build an array of the twitter handles in the "accounts" table in the database
$handles[]= $row['twitterhandle'];


            foreach (
$handles as $handle//loop each handle as a twitter api Query grabbing the following JSON array 
$url =  file_get_contents('http://api.twitter.com/1/users/show.json?screen_name='.$handle.'&include_entities=true');
$json_a json_decode($urltrue);
$owners[$handle]= array('screen_name'=>$json_a['screen_name'],'name'=>$json_a['name'],'image'=>$json_a['profile_image_url'],
'tweets'=>$json_a['statuses_count']); //try to echo to see if it works, should go and grab field 'owner' from JSON file     

$sql "UPDATE accounts SET
                                                   account_owner='it works' //just using this as to focus on getting the WHERE clause to work
                                                   WHERE twitterhandle='$?'"
//not sure what to put here. i have tried several things but nothing works. The best I can do is get the last set of results in my array. 
if (!mysqli_query($link,$sql))
$error 'Error adding twitter data. ' mysqli_error($link);

Any help would be mucho appreciated.