I have this JavaScript code question... see if this makes sense...

ok... I have a HTML index page that has a link to a FLASH intro/homepage which opens up in "pop-up" window I've named "FLASH_home_page".
Now, I have each link off the Flash homepage loading into the original index window (I have an "onLoad="window.name = 'HTML_home_page'" so that I can direct to the window by name easily)(I guess this is called the parent window?).
Easy enough... the idea is that the Flash homepage stays active in the background.

Now the problem... when the user want to return to the "Flash_home_page" for navigation throughout the site... I simply would like to redirect... focus() ...bring forward the "FLASH_home_page". (without closing the original HTML page... the parent?)

Will or should "focus()" work? If not... why not? Is there another way to accomplish this?

So far, I have it so that when the user clicks back to the "FLASH_home_page" for navigation... the HTML page simply closes... not the best way but a work around...

Thanks for any help and/or advice.