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    Question SharePoint

    Anyone on here ever use SharePoint? (Loaded question, I know...)

    Our department has been in bed with it for awhile now and when it was originally installed, it was done so by someone who is now gone... Technically and strategically-speaking, I'm still learning the ropes of it and I can honestly say that it's turning out to be a sizable mess. I can respect that it was purchased on the grounds of business intelligence (BI) and what it had to offer us when combined with our vendor products (which was no small matter), but good lord, it's so cumbersome...

    We have your basic production / development environment setup... 2 app servers and 2 databases meant to provide a production and development workflow... The only catch is that the SharePoint application is installed on only the production box but broken down into 2 environment instances to leverage the 1 license we purchased (we needed to support a production and development SharePoint workflow). As far as general architecture is concerned, this overall architecture is fairly simply to grasp, I think but with that, we have some other vendor products we use to basically toss data into the app servers from our databases. Due to the BI aspects involved, it's almost all intertwined and pretty scary for a greenhorn like myself, especially since I'm a PHP / open-source native...

    I joined my team last year and since then, I've been exposed to some pretty cool stuff, some not-so-open-source, too (i.e. - PL/SQL, Oracle, Java, advanced XML, SOAP, AXIS, STRUTS, MVC, etc...) and I've been super fortunate to work with some really amazing people but this SharePoint framework I've been messing with lately seems to be almost impossible to retrofit into anything outside the scope of what it's made for which appears to be what we're trying to do with it. All this is due to the licensing hurdle we faced (not sure if it was due to our budget or whatever, but we didn't purchase another SharePoint license) and because of that, we had to create this "dual instance installation" on our production box and link the development instance of our SharePoint app to our development app / database servers... As it stands, everything in production works fine and has been since day 1, but the development side of things is dead (faulty output, errors in the App logs, etc. We're still working out why all this is occurring (we suspect another vendor process has caused some collation compatibility problems, but we also think something about the SharePoint installation is causing some service account permission problems, too.) We've spent a lot of time working on it, and I sometimes think it's all for nothing due to how little we all seem to know about this kind of M$ stuff. (The original people *cloned* the production environment and installed this over into our development servers--and unfortunately, it didn't work as expected.)

    It sounds bad and yes, it has stunk but the experience has been great (again, I've learned a lot), but my experience aside, I'm curious about what your experiences have been with SharePoint? Do you like it? Hate it? Do you think it's excruciatingly slow? Sorry, but if I had my way, I'd stick with Drupal! Ha. (Assuming Drupal can juggle the documentation SharePoint can, with all the MSO and LDAP requirements, that is.) I have a lot to learn about SharePoint because I've never messed with .NET stuff before nor other technologies that seem to do things like create freaking DLL files for web functionality, but I'm learning more and more each day...

    (Sorry if this comes across like a rant or something. It probably sounds worse than it really is--just wondering what the general consensus is of this thing...)

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    For licensing -- check out MSDN. If your team is using visual studio it makes lots of sense, largely because some subscriptions come with development licenses for the whole microsoft stack.

    I'm a pretty dyed in the wool MS developer and I hate sharepoint with a passion. Not sure if that helps you.


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