header is float right.
txtleft if float left

What I'm looking for is that the txtleft is to the left of the header image.

Right now the text is to the left of the image but below the bottom horizontal line of the image. In other words, the text does not flow up the left side of the image?

thanks . . . rick

<div id="maincontent">
    <div class="header">
		<img src="css/images/fairwayhomes.jpg" name="slide" width="470" height="250" alt="picture slide show"/>
    <div class="txtleft">COTO DE CAZA
      Arguably the most eclectic collection of home styles and lifestyles. Set behind 24/7 guarded gates, Coto de Caza offers two excellent golf courses with many fairway home site communities and ultimate equestrian estates. The village is just as the namesake describes - a village, set among oak trees covered rolling hills with trails for 
      equestrian, hiking, mountain bike riding or just strolling along with friends. There is no Mello Roos taxes in the Village! The sports park holds many activities throughout the year complete with baseball diamonds, sand pit volleyball courts and much more. Don't miss The Coto de Caza 4th of July Parade, it a stunner every year. </div>
css code

.header	{float:right;
		display:block;																					 	position:relative;	/* IE bug fix*/

.txtleft       	{float:left;
		font-size: 90%;				/* info text above the map */
		display: block;