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    IE9 error - Object doesn't support property or method 'load'

    Hi guys, i am having a bit of trouble trying to update an e-learning course to work in IE9. When run, the following error is displayed in developer tools:

    "SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'load'"

    This is in relation to the last line of code in my example below.

    Code Java:
        // Start loading the config XML file
        this.Config.objXMLFile = jsXML.CreateDOMDocument();
        this.Config.objXMLFile.onreadystatechange = doLoad_XMLConfigFile;
        var filePath = "config/config.xml?rand=" + RandomGen(32);

    I know that IE9 has a different JavaScript engine to IE8, but does anyone know if there would be a workaround to this issue?

    Cheers in advance for any reply

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    Can you link to a live example?

    What happens when you console.log this.Config.objXMLFile right after you create it?

    Can you post the code for the jsXML.CreateDOMDocument function?
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