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    Smile books glorious books

    I'm trying to setup apachem, well I have tried, lots if times. And have kinda given up and opted out for abyss webserver.

    But now I NEED APACHE! and I have no idea wot i'm doin .

    I want a lovely book that tells me everything I need to know to setup and maitain an apache webserver running on NT with SSL PHP and MySQL support.

    Can anyone recommed a particluar book?

    I've been looking around and have found:
    Apache Server 2 Bible Book/CD Package
    Professional Apache 2.0

    Note that I like thin books that are to the point with no useless gumph, o and I like em cheap .

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    Sorry only looked at the start of your thread

    Anyway, wrox books are quite good and usually cover everything! Although not cheap. BUt like I said best use the internet instead its almost free!

    There is a wrox press book out on apache, check

    Best thing to do is search the net instead its free. I'm sure the good folk of sitepoint wouldnt mind helping you out either
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    Personally I have a copy of Professional Apache.
    The book covered version 1.3 only ( at that time 1.3.9 ).

    The main difference between the first and the second edition is that in former the author didn't have the glasses ( they were in his hand ), in the latter he has them mounted
    one recension of the latest version, which is what you want to buy, can be found here:

    I admit that I didn't read too much that book (1st ed.),
    not because it's bad but because it's me.
    I prefer to read the chapters I'm interested to,
    instead of reading a book from scratch.
    For what I remember the book is very good.

    But as already stated sbdi there is a lot of free and cheap docs,
    in particular the official Apache web site is rich of documentations. (1.3.x)

    And again as stated by sbdi, I'm too much repetitive, do not hesitate to post questions here...

    Good Luck!

    A shameless mod_rewrite lover

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