Hi all,

I am really stuck, spent all day tinkering with this to try to get it to work and not had much luck. Am trying to get multiple sliders to work on one page. I have manage to get them to auto slide together, but the little nav buttons below the images don't cycle on the first two sliders, it only really works on the last, and even then it won't remove the 'selected' on the anchor:


I have renamed the containing div for each slider to: #slider, #slider_2 and #slider_3 and changed the corresponding code in the coda-slider.js file:


I have tried to manipulate the following code to try to get the selected buttons to activate for each but with no joy:

$('#slider .navigation').find('a').click(selectNav);
// handle nav selection
    function selectNav() {
Please can anyone help? Not sure what else to try!

Many thanks