Hi there,

I have a student database system and I am currently adding a simple discussion forum into it. I have no problem to add a link which connected to the forum, but having difficulty to link the forum back to the home page. The system flow is like this; Users login their account and there will be the home page which showing the main menu and their basic info. From the main menu, there is a tab for the forum. At this stage, there is no problem occur. Problem occurred when I redirecting the forum to the home page, it is an empty page which is not the original home page.

Usual home page: URL= http://localhost/Mentor Mentee System/test.php?student_id=12345

[After redirecting back from forum] Empty home page: URL = http://localhost/Mentor Mentee System/test.php?student_id=

I need the URL to be "http://localhost/Mentor Mentee System/test.php?student_id=12345" after redirecting from forum.
What can I do to correct that? Please advice.