do you know how to change a sub-sub-frameset that was defined following way..

<frameset name=f1 ..>
<frame ..>
<frame ..>
<frameset name=f2>

changing f1 over parent.document.body.cols or .rows = <whateva>. but how can i change f2???

i tried to name the subframeset as seen above with f2. but when i try to change parent.f2.document.body.cols all it does is settign a main frameset and destroying the sub-framesets. i made an alert dialog to get the value that is stored in f2 after doing the frameset in HTML - but it also jsut returned me the values of the top frameset.

have i to make up multiple files just with single framesets and then to cal lthe producedures in the sub-sub-subwindow that then calls the top-procedure?

i think its jsut a syntax problem so far.. can anyone help?

(the purpose of this all is hiding a navigation window that can be openeed again by right clicking; the only problem is that i use a sub-frameset here).

thanx for you help.
parent.f2.document.body.cols just gives me the settings for f1 back.