Hi, i have a Video Playback on my movie using AS3... I need to make the movie full screen, but i do not want to make the video full screen, so i came up with an idea, Well, i have a menu with 8 Videos using the same PlayBack component and i coded the click like this:

Code Actionscript:
function clic(event:MouseEvent):void
	if (MovieClip(root).zz == 0)
	var sel:String;
	sel = event.target.name;
	VidAn.VPB.source = "Videos/" + sel + ".mp4";
	VidAn.VPB.fullScreenTakeOver = false;
	MovieClip(root).zz = 1;

VPB is my video playback, and its inside a MovieClip called VidAn... Well, it works very nicelly for the first video, but when i click on the second, i get a beautiful black screen, i still hear the video sound...

Can anyone please give me a light of what am i oing wrong?

Thanks in advice...