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    Solved: Newsletter Content

    A unique solution for "Joke of the day".

    Did I hear someone with from the shadows whispering in a deathly voice saying
    "This is old and not newsworthy"

    Anyway back to the point - I run a database driven joke site where I test and
    practise techniques gleaned from surfing the net. No doubt you are aware there
    is a multitude of similar sites and my task was to find a unique method of
    displaying "Joke of the Day" also to make a newsworthy Newsletter.

    Inspiration came after searching the fierce competition and realising the
    obvious - no one had linked a calendar to "Joke of the Day"!

    A Google search did not reveal anything remotely similar so the job started...

    First the calendar was produced and then associating each table rows to a date.
    Numerous methods were tried and eventually the first table row was linked to
    January 1st 2005 and subsequent rows linked sequentially to the following day.

    Next on the list was making the calendar user friendly. Radio buttons for each
    month and input buttons for the year seemed the best method. Another two buttons
    were added for next/previous month. Also a javascript popup window was used for
    each day which makes it easy to return to the calendar.

    The idea of joke snippets similar to this forum was used and also thumbnails.

    Budget restictions prevent a fast server so to make the site just that little
    bit more nippier for smartphone users, a page cache was used to eliminate
    database thrashing.

    A word of warning:
    Please just test the interface and completely ignore the content;
    although no offence is intended some people may take umbrage.
    For those who like to be offended take a look at the daily news.

    Here is the Newsletter Content:

    Here we go:

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