Ok, you guys helped me with my site layout and CSS and it was great.

But now, I changed my page over to XHTML (basically, all I had to do was add a doc type) and it is different.

I am using the same CSS file for both:
Here is the XHTML version: http://www.syscompsjax.com/test1.asp
Here is the original version...how I want it to look: http://www.syscompsjax.com/test2.asp

There is a difference in the width of the menu, but I am not very concerned with that (doesn't make much of a difference to me).

What I am concerned with, is the fact that the left menu on the XHTML version continues past the screen when it isn't needed, and is causing a not needed scroll bar.

What are the basic differneces in layout between the HTML and XHTML, and how do I fix my page so that it appears as I want it now?